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The Berlin Brettspiel Con always wanted to be more than just a simple board game event and with its diverse convention programme it has become a big festival for our beloved hobby. Naturally, we want to keep improving, evolving and expanding and for that we need you! You are part of this wonderful hobby scene, which you impact with your video reviews, articles, podcasts, blogs and foremost with your passion every single day.

We know the challenges: dragging camera, mic and tripod while hurrying from meeting to meeting through the exhibition halls, you are often approached by fans and viewers and readers who you don’t want to say ‘no’ to. And when you need some peace or a quiet place to meet up with your community, it’s difficult to find a quiet spot in the packed exhibition halls or cafes or restaurants.

Hunter & Cron know these challenges very well, being YouTubers themselves and having organised the Berlin Brettspiel Con for five years. This year it’s time to say ‘thank you’ and give something back: the Community Playground.

In hall 4, where visitors can play games until late into the night, we’ll have a special area, which is still an open area for all visitors, but it will have tables that are assigned to you for the whole duration of the convention.

The Community Playground offers:
– a fixed meeting point, where you can meet up with your community or with publishers
– enough space to set up your equipment (for videos, podcasts, etc.)
– an area for interviews
– your assigned table in order to play games with your community
– plenty of possibilities for everything you come up with.

This space can also be used for community meet-ups. You can pre-book a specific time slot, which you can announce on your channel, blog, etc. before the convention – in order to let your community know when they can meet you at the Community Playground.

In order for us to coordinate the time slots and to put them into the official convention programme, please contact us in advance by sending an email with the subject line “Community Playground”  to: info(at)

Then we’ll get back to you with the planning of the different time slots. Thank you very much for your cooperation!

This is a ‘thank you’ to you, who impact the scene and industry on a daily basis. The tables are a complimentary service and not bound to any additional conditions. The Berlin Brettspiel Con is enriched by your attendance and we want to help you enjoy the convention as much as we do.


press accreditation

General guideline for accreditation to Berlin Brettspiel Con 2020
We’re happy about your interest in Berlin Brettspiel Con 2020 and your reporting on our event. With the general guideline for accreditation we want to make the access to our event for journalists and bloggers easier. An accreditation is only for the purpose of reporting. You can accredit as an active reporter until 5th of July 2020. After this date we ask you to accredit locally.

The accreditation gives you access to the opening event on Fri 17/07/2020 (entrance open from 7pm) and subsequent the GameNight (until 2am). So the press card is valid from Fri 17/07 until 19/07/2020.

Accreditation for journalists with valid press card
All journalists, who are owning a valid press card und have an editorial order of a [TV-]channel, get an accreditation. The created article will be sent to the organizer after the event. A documental link has to be sent to:

Accreditation for YouTubers, Bloggers, etc.
Reporters, who don’t have an editorial order but an own blog, YouTube channel, (online) magazine or similar get an accreditation if they
are a member of the Beeple Network and want to report on the event
have reported on the Berlin Brettspiel Con 2019
If they haven’t reported on the Berlin Brettspiel Con 2019 it is also possible to create a preliminary report on the Berlin Brettspiel Con 2020 to get accreditation. This regulation will also be valid next year.
Likewise following requirements:
• permanent topicality as well as access numbers, which are similar to access numbers of professional online magazines of complete editorial staff and publishers.
• the orientation of the channel, blog, magazine, etc. refers directly to the topic of the convention, so addresses board gamers.

Unless the authors cannot proof their status as professional journalists, the accreditation is limited to two persons per online magazine.

Please take note that the Berlin Brettspiel Con Event GmbH may check your verification. There is no right to accreditation. The organizers may execute their property rights if necessary. In all cases note the terms and conditions for visitors.



Logo of Berlin Brettspiel Con 2020

Please use this logo if you are reporting on the Berlin Board Game Con. If you need another resolution or file format please contact

Theme 2020 of the Berlin Con

The annually changing theme was designed for this year by the illustrator Pablo Fontagnier (Memoarrr!).
If you need another resolution or file format please contact

Online Accreditation • Berlin Brettspiel Con • 17.-19.07.2020

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